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From: George Bradford
To: Easy Breathe
Subject: What a great product!!!
Date: Thursday, 10 May 2001 9:25 PM

Dear Easy Breathe,

    I suffer from sinus congestion, and up till now I could not use any over the counter medicine because of my high blood pressure. All the cold and cough medicines raised my blood pressure, but not Easy Breathe.
    Your product worked in what seemed like seconds to clear up my congestion and I stayed clear all day with out feeling woozy. I am a believer in your product and would recommend it to any one. Thanks and keep up the good work.

George Bradford


From: "Vanessa Seiger
To: Easy Breathe
Subject: Thank You
Date: Monday, 14 May 20011:24 PM

My name is Vanessa Seiger and I had purchased an Easy Breathe inhaler on Saturday and had let my mother use it, who currently has bronchitis. She said when she used the inhaler she had been able to breathe better than she had in months. I also used it and it opened my nose up and I was able to breathe normal once again.
I thank you very much for your product. It is a wonder and I hope to keep and cherish it forever.



From: Kevin Dodds
To: Easy Breathe
Subject: Fantastic products

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are. I had purchased a bottle of your Easy Breathe Shower when I had a really bad sinus infection. It really helped to clear up my congestion and opened my sinuses right up. It seemed like my infection went away faster too.

Thank you so much for the wonderful products,
Kevin Dodds


From David Berger, LMT
To: Other Worlds
Subject: Incredible Oils

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products work for myself and for my patients and clients. I have used the Neuro-Breathe and the Easy Breathe and both are exceptional. I look forward to using some of your other great products.

David Berger, LMT


From: Michael
To: Other Worlds
Subject: Great massage

I just had to write and tell you.
I’ve been all over the world and had massages everywhere I’ve been.
I’ve been to some of the top of the line spas, but I have to say, that was the best massage I’ve ever had, anywhere.
Your products are top of the line also.
Best aromatherapy candle EVER, so I’m buying another one.
The experience was just both a relief and a joy.
I can’t wait to get to Ft Lauderdale again for another one,
see you soon.

Madison Avenue’s Who’s Who


From: Elisa DiFalco
To: Other Worlds

Hi John,
I just recently won one of your candles at an FSMTA Chapter meeting as a door prize.
I am just amazed. I have had aromatherapy candles from just about everywhere, but that was the best candle that I have ever had.
The fragrance was just exceptional and it lasted a lot longer than I had expected.

Your products are just exceptional.

Lisa DiFalco,
Lymphatic Institute


From: NF
To: Other Worlds
Subject: Fantastic massage

Having been around the world and worked in many spas,
I have encountered hundreds of therapists.
Your knowledge of anatomy as well as your techniques are the most exceptional of any that I have encountered anywhere.
You flow from one part of the body to another flawlessly and make a person relax so easily.
I am happy to use you as my regular therapist.
Your products are fantastic, love the Neuro-Breathe and the Essential Breathe massage oils.
Great on the skin and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.

NF – Spa owner, Ft Lauderdale





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